Friday, February 19, 2010

oh blessed weekends

it's friday so this means the week is over. wow 4 day weeks go by fast!

i thought i'd update on my last weekend.

3 day weekends=mini vaca

my family was all in st george so spence and i decided to take a road trip and hang out down there
here is my weekend...
  • having philosophical discussions with dad on the drive down
  • jammin' out to "hotel california"
  • eating way to much food (thanks gma)
  • shopping trips (my favorite)
  • st george home great!
  • card games, board games, olympic games
  • night time dixie rock explorations
  • seeing howie! riding him on a perfect sunday after noon
  • walks
  • family, family and more family
  • playing with the dogs
  • long drives and great conversation
  • beautiful temple grounds
  • awkward bridge pictures that made us laugh
  • 65 degree weather
  • lots of laughing and happiness
yep this weekend was close to perfect. i didn't get any homework done but oh well...i was on vacation. now i can't wait till the next 3 day weekend...oh wait we don't get!

here are some pictures from the trip

i sure do love my grandparents. thanks grandpa for keeping us laughing

the awkward bridge picture....see we're laughing

words can not describe how excited i was to see howie. boy do i miss him
(ps. he rode like a champ!)

spence even joined in on the biking. even though howie doesn't have gears like spencers bike did he still rode those hills like a olympic champion

see great weekend. i hope your weekend was just as great. here's to hoping this one is just as good!


  1. sydney! you look so cute with your bike and your boy and all that sun! your weekend was so great.

    so good to see you yesterday. glad we can skip guitar together :)

  2. Oh my gosh that bike is dreamy! Wanna share where I can find one like it? (:


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