Thursday, March 4, 2010

once upon a random snow storm.

once upon a time i woke up and it was sunny.
i put on my favorite yellow flats with my green j-crew sweater. i spent the day being happy for spring.

later on...
i got home from work to find a world of snow.
saddened, i put on my big red coat and headed to class

on my way to class my favorite yellow flats decided not to stick on the ground. i lost all control and slipped and fell. as it happens i slipped into the gutter which at the time was full of water due to the random rain/snow storm.

holding back laughter i picked myself, my phone and my backpack up out of the wet gutter and made my way home to change.

luckily roommate was home and was nice enough to, first laugh at me, and second take a picture of me.

the mean gutter got my shoes, my pants, my coat, my backpack, and even my hair.

so the moral of the story:
on days that seem like spring (but mother nature really hates you so it won't be spring for long) don't wear the cute yellow flats.

i still made it to class on time so i guess i lived happily ever after.


  1. luckily it started snowing like mad here early in the morning so i left my house fully prepared in boots and a trench coat. but i'm sure glad you lived.

  2. Darn! So sorry Syd! But the good news look so cute, even after being eaten by a mean gutter. Not many can say that :)

  3. lol! On the bright side your hair stayed dry! But maybe wet hair is just my problem (I'm a curly mess)

    THose flats are soo adorable.. you've inspired me to pick some up (;

  4. Oh Syd!! I am so sorry. I couldn't help but giggle least those flats are ADORABLE!


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