Tuesday, April 27, 2010

already one year....

one year ago today i left for jerusalem.

i packed my bags, said goodbye to everything that i knew, and joined the faces of 40 strangers on a plane to a far off land.

little did i know that day that my life was going to change
little did i know that i was going to come to know my savior so much better
little did i know that i was going to truly find myself
little did i know that i was going to meet my best friends
little did i know that i was going to laugh harder than ever before, cry harder than ever before, and smile bigger than ever before
little did i know that i was going to become a new person

look back one year ago i'd do anything to do it all again.
all the fear, all the tears, and yet all the joy.

to live where my savior lived. to truly come to know him. that is something i'll never forget

so today i may not be going to jerusalem but my heart is still there. and it may forever be.
but i'm okay with that.

from my journal of my first day: "i know that i'm supposed to be here. everything just feels right and simple. every few minutes i get these little burst of excitement as i realize where i actually am.i am in awe of how my father in heaven works, he truly knows me and knows what i need in my life. i would have never placed myself here but now that i am here i can't imagine being anywhere else."

thank you jerusalem for saving my life one year ago.

tonight i am celebrating our one year anniversary with bod....it's only right!

just some pictures to remind me of home....


  1. baaa.. i want to go to jerusalem! but i've definitely feeling that way about europe this week. i start craving the foods i haven't had in a year, when i feel the breeze i picture amsterdam, when i look up at the mountains i think of salzburg, etc, etc.
    i'm so happy that you are happy and in such a good place in life! you're the best.


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