Monday, May 24, 2010

oh my lost

i've never watched an episode of lost

why? well first off i find myself getting attached to shows and i figured i didn't want to "have" to watch another show

second, every one else was watching it and i just hate being a follower

third, by the time i figured out i might as well watch it lost was already 3 seasons in and everyone told me i would be confused...which is probably true

well lost finished yesterday and i feel a little left out that the rest of the world was so excited to watch it
maybe i'll start watching lost now

how many hours will it take to finish???

oh and reno trip last weekend=so great! pictures to come!


  1. i'm loving your new blog look and ps. i never got into lost either - maybe we can start watching it around the same time, and we'll be late followers together!

  2. If you watch it you absolutely have to watch every singe episode. In order. There is no other way to do it.


  3. syyyydneeeeeyyyy. it's been far too long. i should have come to reno; i love being the fifth wheel.

    i've never seen lost either...let's do it.


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