Tuesday, June 8, 2010

oh boy....

so i'm having one of those days that nothing seems to be going right

remember that super fun road trip that i went on with my best friends....and i happened to be the only one with a camera. welll good ol' me lost the pictures. i have no idea how it happened but one minute they were on my computer and the next they were gone. yeah i'm a little heart broken

my room needs to be cleaned and i have more laundry to do that i have time. i hate living in a dirty place.

i have to move out sooner than expected and the thought of cleaning up all my years worth of stuff makes me sick.

my dream cake fell through....sad i know but hopefully we'll find something that will work.

for the first time in weeks i have a head ache...i love that my head choose today to bring me a nice surprise.

finals are next week and i'm so not ready

yep...it's just been one of those days. luckily it will be over soon and i can move on to a happier day.


  1. Oh sweet girl! I've got a gallon of ice cream with your name on it! Give me a call if you need anything! Even just a five minute chat! Love you and have a better day today!

  2. Syd Babe! im sorry your day was so bad! i hope today brings you happiness! love you girl!


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