Monday, July 19, 2010

just some memories

one year ago today i was vacationing on the shores of the sea of galilee (best vacation ever). while we were there i was roommates with my dear friend ashley.

(ash and i with an incredible galilee sunset)
today i got to go into the salt lake temple and witness my dear friend ashley get married to her best friend for time and eternity. boy a year sure goes by fast.

ash and i would lay in our bed at night and spend hours talking. she was excited about the idea of serving a mission....i was excited about the idea of a missionary coming how things have changed.

so here we are one year later....ash married (after receiving her mission call and turning it down ;-) good job stephen for stepping in) and me about to get married as well to the most adorable boy who one year ago i had no idea existed.

i am so grateful for my experiences in jerusalem. i truly grew so much while i was over there. mostly it gave me a perfect chance to get to know my heavenly father more personally. it also prepared me for meeting the man of my dreams.

i close my eyes and picture i long to be back there. i truly believe that the sea of galilee may be the most perfect place on this earth.

not only did ash and i have great pillow talks at night....we had adventures. again one year ago today this happened....

oh rag time how i love you.....a group of totally awesome girls....yes we have white v-necks on our heads.

we decided to take advantage of all the couples from the trip and enjoy our night. we ran around the resort finding couples all over the place (apparently galilee is the place where jeru couples are made....and we found that to be true). even though we didn't take advantage of the romance of galilee we got to have fun with those who did!

i miss galilee, i miss jerusalem....but i'm more excited about whats to come in my life next week!

yep thats week i will become mrs. sydney sue barfuss!
as surprised as you might be i surely can't wait!

just some words from a squid


  1. Haha excited about being a Barfuss? I must really have you under a spell. ;-) For what it's worth I can't wait either. I love you.

  2. SO excited for you, girl! :)


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