Thursday, August 12, 2010

a fun preview!

right from the words of mj "squid and barfuss" we are as sbarf squared for the first time!

my daddy and i dancing....he is such a great dancer. i sure love him!

the great exist. i loved the sparklers and seeing everyone there waving goodbye.

my cute family.....we don't have one of spencers fam yet...that one will come.

me and my girls! they were so great to be there...and stick it out in the rain.

yep this would be me and my this isn't an unusual thing.....they are like this all the time....they love me a lot.

so these aren't the real wedding pictures but just as great.
thanks to my best friends mj and lo for taking them. hopefully we'll get the real ones soonish.


  1. Syd!! You looked beautiful and again I so wish I could've been there. I want to come and visit you once the summer is done and hear all about it and chat about weddings with you and what not. Miss you!!

  2. that pic of you and your brothers is my favorite.
    i'm so glad i got to see your gorgeous face on your wedding day!


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