Friday, August 20, 2010

the honeymoon!

so right after the wedding spence and i took off for an incredible week in cabo san lucas mexico. from the moment we stepped into the airport we had a blast!

we landed in mexico and our adventures started....
throughout the week we started numbering our adventures (it made it more fun).

adventure #1...being told we were too young to rent a car (even when we were prepared and made sure we went through a company that would let 24 yr olds rent cars) but due to some sweet spanish taking by my sweetie we were able to get the car!

so these pictures aren't in any order, and there is a lot of them...but they are still fun!

we took an atv ride one of our first days. seriously the most fun i've ever had. we had a blast racing through the desert, dry river bed, and beach! i was nervous at first but found that i'm a natural on the atv...i kept up with spence and the guide the whole time.

check out our sweet helmets and bandannas! yeah we're hardcore.just chilling in the dry river bed. seriously so so so much fun and worth the money.

on sunday we attempted to go to church. the day before we were given directions to the chapel and that morning we got online to find times. apparently there are two chapels in cabo so we went out to find one....well we couldn't find but ended up finding the other church. sadly it was all gated off. we figured church hadn't started yet so we went home, called the bishop (well at least tried to) and decided to come back at the time said church started...

yep no church yet again. we think maybe there was stake conference or something. anyways we wanted proof we tried so we took pictures outside of the gated church. at least we tried ;-)

just chilling waiting for church outside by our pool! the pool was incredible.

our first meal by the pool. you can't really tell but we had tons of great food, sparkling grape juice (gift from our host marco!), and a lot of little bugs...we moved all our stuff in about 3 mins after this picture.

self pictures became our favorites! we took so many just like this. here we are walking around the beautiful marina. it was so stinkin hot this day! being new to g's i sure struggled ;-)

us after dinner at a perfect beach overlook restaurant. it was so fun to eat and hear the waves at the same time. i sure hate what humidity does to my hair. spence looks super cute though.

these creepy men were every where. luckily this is the only big one we found. look at my cute husband having fun. i sure do love this boy! (spence not the scary doll)
yet another self pictures. this one was taken right outside of an incredible italian place...well at least we heard it was incredible. to our luck it happened to be closed the week we were there for improvements!

adventure #3...being pulled over, spence almost arrested, and a very stressful situation in san lucas del cabo. yeah not our most favorite event. long story short the cops were trying to get some lunch money...and spence didn't put up with it. i'm so grateful that he speaks favorite place that we ate at...ruth chris's steakhouse. they were so sweet to us and were so excited we were on our honeymoon. the plate says happy honeymoon! the cake was great but the steaks were amazing! (and they fed us for days, i sure do love leftovers!)

one day we set out for another adventure....eating at a beach side cafe and being able to go swim in the ocean while we waited for our food! a cruise ship came in that day so we had a blast with all the people and excitement. the city really came alive when a cruise ship comes in!

adventure a water taxi tour and being transferred unknowingly to another boat. we don't really know what happened but we ended up seeing all the sites so we were okay with it. it was fun to see the other side of the coast where the waves were insane!
us in front of our little mansion. this place was absolutely amazing! 4 bedrooms, dvd collection, wii, personal host (marco who was amazing, he even helped out when our car battery died), huge kitchen, private pool and hot tube (so perfect), incredible location, and just overall amazing.

it was a dream come true. we had so much fun just being together and falling in love even more!

cabo will always have a place in our hearts!


  1. It looks like you two had such a blast!! Travis and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon to Cabo and we absolutely loved it there! We definitely want to go back sometime...hope you're loving married life! :)

  2. Looks like you had a great honeymoon! I may need to chat with you about this fabulous place you stayed and how you got hooked up with that!


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