Monday, August 9, 2010

a new life

so guess what....?

i'm a sadie sadie married lady and i couldn't be more happy!

july 29th was perfect.....rain, sun, heat, and all! pictures to come.

our week in cabo was even better. who wouldn't love a huge house, incredible pool, great food and all just for two little newlyweds. pictures to come.

so now it's boxes, boxes, and a thousand more boxes. i used to wonder why it took newlyweds so long to move i understand. today starts the fun of returns and rebuys. thanks mom for coming to help me out.

we're still in the process of unpacking everything so i can't upload pictures yet so in the mean time ponder this... has been a big part of my life for the past 3 years. i never imagined my blog lasting that long. well considering that i'm not sydney heaton anymore i figured it was time i changed the blog.....

our new blog will be

i'll change it right from this blog so the last 3 years aren't lost! hopefully it will automatically redirect people but if not we'll be changing over next week.

thats just one more exciting thing about being married.

wish me luck for the move in and unpack stage!

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