Friday, October 15, 2010

mr. and mrs. vintage addition

so tonight the mr. and i are going to have a date night in

this morning both spence and i decided that this week had been too long and we were both just too tired to do the massive date we had planned....

so we planned a fun date night in

uno attack
and a sleep over in our family room

well here i am, on our date night in blogging.
why? because spence fell asleep on the floor after getting home from work
poor mr. he is just so tired. i think our date night in was well needed ;-)
hey mom you shouldn't be too jealous of our night anymore! hee hee

so while spence sleeps i do what i do best....craft blog stalk.
and guess what i found?
do you know those fun vintage posters, you know like the ones here
well i thought our family room could use one and well i know how to work a computer
so i made my own....

what do you think?

don't worry it looks great printed out, not fuzzy. i'm not sure what happened to the picture when i uploaded it. but i like the more formal feel to it

anyways i'm going to start looking for a fun frame to put it in and then i'll take a picture of it on our wall.
but in the mean time i'm pretty proud. i like our mr and mrs vintage poster.

you want one? it was super easy!

so here's to a great date night in!


  1. That is so beautiful! And your date night sounded like it was the recipe for fun. Too bad the Mr. fell asleep! Love your poster!

  2. your poster is adorable. when sometime I am married I will be coming to you for help. haha.

  3. Date night in is the perfect way to save some money but still get some good time with you honey! I'm definitely going to try those pumpkin cookies.

  4. Syd!! What program did you use to make the poster? I am starting on Christmas gifts and I want to be crafty and all I could think of was this cute vintage poster you had. haha.


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