Tuesday, November 2, 2010

it's the mrs. mama's birthday!!!

today is my mama's birthday. hooray happy day!
my mom is my best friend  (i even blogged about it) and my best example
she is the most beautiful example of being christ-like
she is always giving, of her self, her time, and her yummy goodies
neighbor kids come over to play with my mom (she's that cool)
everybody loves my mom. (no joke, she's the most popular person i know)

because she is fun,
she is honest, she is kind, she is beautiful, she is fun, she is giving, she is wise, she is smart,
she is funny, she is musical, she is outgoing, she is friendly,
she is welcoming, she is crafty, she is lovely,
she is my mom

there have been so many times i've called my mom in tears, and every time she calms me down and gives the best advice.
since i've gotten married my mom has helped me out so much. she is the perfect example of a loving wife and mother.

if i could be one person when i grow up....i'd be my mama.
she truly is hte most beautiful person i know, inside and out.

so happy birthday mommy, 
i love you so much 
i look up to all that you are
thank you for being the best mother
thank you for being my best friend

happy birthday mama!!!

see she really is my best friend
she is so much fun! mama is the life of the party
she is such a great example of a wonderful wife!
see how much fun we have together. i get my craziness from her!

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