Monday, November 22, 2010

the mr. and mrs. apartment is all decorated

because we will be gone this week....(road trip to san fran)....and we are leaving for the holidays early....we decided to decorate early this year. we both wanted to enjoy our own decorated home as long as possible.

we got our tree
and we decorated it
some ornaments for him
and some for her
and one cheesy one for our first christmas (i secretly love this one!)

we love our tree. thanks to some simple ribbon, classic glass bulbs, and a few fun ornaments it turned out to be the perfect tree.
our stockings are hung on our closet door....hey we have to improvise with our lack of wall space and a fireplace.
one for him, all manly and red
one for her, with a big bow
(it took some time to convince the mr. i could take two store bought stockings and make them into something great. 
gotta love ribbon, sparkly things, and a hot glue gun. i think i did a great job in making them something special for our first christmas. maybe next year when i'm not in school i'll  make new ones from scratch)

a fun holiday vintage poster (if you want a copy of mine i'll send it to you, so fun to make!)

and our first christmas card.
i know it might be cheesy to have a christmas card for just us two but i couldn't resist making one....we'll see if i actually send any out!

add some christmas books under our tree.
a fun christmas centerpiece and.....

our home is now ready for christmas.

we have loved decorating (as simple as it may be) and have enjoyed getting into the holiday spirit early!


  1. this is so adorable! i love all the gold details everywhere. it looks precious. and that vintage poster is so cool! you made that?!

    very very lovely. i love how comforting it is to have a christmas tree in your home :)

  2. I love the poster and your christmas cards! I wish you weren't so cute. I feel inferior sometime. Help me make a poster too! and everything!

  3. Looks great. I am way impressed with your craft skills on the stockings. I think they look fabulous. Send out the Christmas cards it ain't cheesy at all and you will be on our Christmas wall of fame in warm sunny FL. You'll like it here trust me;)

  4. Sydney! I don't know if you remember me, we hung out a couple times with Emily Bailey. Anyways, this is Kelsey (Mordue) Cole, and I love your blog! I hope that is okay with you:)I love your creative decorating skills! definitely teach me how to make one of those vintage Christmas posters, I love yours!

  5. Sydney! I don't know if you remember me, we hung out a few times in high school with Emily Bailey. Anyways, I'm Kelsey (Mordue) Cole and i love your blog! I hope it's ok that I am a follower:) I totally admire your creative decorating! I definitely want to learn how to make that cute vintage Christmas poster, I love it!

  6. Your apartment is too cute, in fact, it's so cute it would make Santa barfuss, if he was real.

  7. Your house looks very cute! Love you decorations

  8. You really should mass produce all of your creative decorations. I'd buy them! Great job on the tree.


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