Monday, December 20, 2010

the mrs. and her craft blogs

so one of my most favorite things to do is commonly known as blog stalking. though i like blog hopping much better (i'm not so into the whole stalking thing, it's creepy)

my favorite blogs to read are craft blogs. i have about 10 i check almost every day.
sadly most of these said craft blogs are for those great new mommies.
you know the blogs, the ones that show you how to make the cutest kids clothes, baby diapers, baby bags, little girl tutu's.

i love looking at these blogs but so sad because i book mark all the fun ideas to be saved for much later when i'm a new mommy.

but for now i'm after great craft blogs that have ideas for the non-parental types. like me!

so during my most recent blog hopping i came across two adorable craft blogs that are perfect for the non-mommy me and i wanted to share.

this one.... one charming party
and this one....the hostess with the mostess

these are two super fun blogs for the party planner and crafter.

 this fun idea from hostess with the mostess. i love the blue and yellow yarn.

 and look at this. how cute and easy. one charming party shows how easy it is to make the fun snowman head. perfect for any holiday party.
and you know me, i am in love with anything that involves banners. the fa la la la la banner= perfection.

now i just need a great reason to throw a party.

so do you know any fun craft blogs or party blogs?what is your favorite blog to read?  i want some more great ideas!


  1. Have you read "A Beautiful mess?" You probably have, but if not you would love it! the url is

  2. It's 2:25 AM and I'm addicted to your blog. lol. anyways, I'm a random blogger, don't mind me. :) You're blog is soo cute!



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