Monday, December 13, 2010

the mrs. favorite things

two of my favorite talk shows.
oprah and ellen
oprah does a huge "favorite things" show and gives away all of her favorite things.
ellen gives away some of her "favorite toys" almost every episode during december.

so i decided to do a my "favorite things" blog post. thanks to em for tagging me

now i wish i could give all of these things away to all my readers....but sadly i'm working on a college student budget.

sydney's favorite things 2010....
share some love, if you like something shoot me a comment!

pureology shampoo and conditioner. seriously this stuff is amazing for your hair. i get the purple stuff (protects coloring) and have noticed such a difference in my own hair. plus it has menthol and so my head feels all tingly when i use it. such a clean refreshing feeling.

$25-$50 at salons hair product stores.

of course i couldn't make a favorite things list and not include a mac book pro. long story short i got a new one of these a while ago for free (apple made a mistake with my old one). this computer is amazing. i haven't had any problems. if you are going to get a laptop get a mac. so worth every penny. plus the design is so hip and modern.


i love journals. i've always been a journal writer. when i was little i was all about the cute big colorful journals. now that i carry mine around more often (usually to church and such) i decided i needed to find a more adult journal. i came across moleskin and i will never go back. moleskin offers such a great variety of journals and notebooks. i love the simple sleek look of mine journal but i have to admit i have my eye on a bright yellow pac man journal. they even have planners and graphing notebooks. moleskin is truly my new favorite notebook company.

$5-$20 at any bookstore

spence and i decided to try netflix for the free month thing. well 3 months later we are still hooked. don't try and cheat the system and get more free months (it doesn't work, we tried). but still it's great. we get all the movies we want to watch online, and now on the ipad, plus great dvd's shipped to us. now if we could only get our mail man to pick up our watched movies.

$6-$15 depending on package choice,

i think i single-handedly kept shutterfly in business this year. i first fell in love when they gave me 150 free prints. even though i didn't need them i sure used them. followed by a free photo book, we made a book of our honeymoon, and then two wedding albums (yep we got two, one of the wedding day and one with bridals). not only do they offer great prices, they are always having sales and great deals. so our wedding albums were super cheap. i'm talking a thousand less than what our photographer was asking for, and i have over 200 pages of pictures. yeah so worth it. so my favorite thing is shutterfly photo books. but you'll never have to play full price.

starting at $15 

so i have a thing for make-up. i love it. but i hate to buy it. i'll go and spend hours looking and filling my basket with cute makeup but end up putting it away and end up buying to cheap stuff. but this is something i will spend my money on. benefit10, it's a bronzer and blush all in one. it looks great on and lasts forever. i love this so much i made sure i had enough to last me when i was in jeru.

$28 at sephora or benefit. com or some macys stores


i always have dry feet. they were really bad this summer. spence is the best at foot rubs but would refuse when my heels were so cracked and dry. i had to find a solution. i tried lotion after lotion until finally! 
the heel of approval from bath and body works. i love this stuff. i even use it on my arms when i get random dry spots. seriously my feet are so soft and rubbable now!

$14 bath and body works

going along with the feet trend. one reason why my feet are always dry is because i wear flats (all the time) and usually don't wear socks until i found these beauties. i hate no-show socks that show. but these actually don't show. and they have the great sticky heel thing so they stay in place. my favorites are the nude color. now my feet can be nice and cozy in my cute flats

$15 for a pack of 3 at nordstrom

 need some new good tunes. of course i would recommend the j groban. so his new cd is a lot different from his others but it is still fantastic. so after you are done listening to christmas music try out josh's new stuff. i sure love it.

$12 at borders (cheaper than itunes and other stores)

a pizza stone. so this is a random one but i believe everyone should have a pizza stone. we use ours about once a week. seriously, it makes frozen pizza ten times better, home made pizza a million times better. it's perfect for pizza, rolls, calzones, and i've even tried cookies. i love mine. 

$20+ bed, bath, and beyond or pampered chef (where ours is from)

so hanes guys v-necks. thanks to jbod for introducing me to them in jeru. now i'm hooked. so comfy and come on it's a white shirt. you can see me rocking one of these at least once a week. so easy to put a cute sweater over, a fun belt, cute skinny jeans, or just sweats. i love mine!

$7 for a pack of 5, walmart, target etc...

you will never find me without a watch. 3 years ago when i got my nixon when i started efy. since then i've hardly ever been watchless. i got a cute white one for fancier days. for my birthday i got this cute watch but in black. i love fossil because they run cheaper but are still so cute. i love this watch in black because it's still perfect for everyday but has some serious bling. i love my bling. 

$85 macys

so oprah usually has a cute coat or sexy i'm listing my leggings. i love my think black leggings from target. i like the think ones better, no see through ness and added warmth.  i wear them under skirts and dresses but my favorite is pairing these with one of my white v-necks and comfy sweat shirt and a movie night with my man. seriously these are better than any pjs. so comfy and warm. 

$12 target

the last thing. so simple but something i never go without. my chap stick chapstick. my favorites are the classic blue and green. i have one in my backpack, one in each of my purses, one by my bed, one in my bathroom, one in my desk, and 3 others in case i lose one of the above. yeah thats how much i love these. no other chapstick works quite as well.

$3 at your local grocery store! 

so now it's your turn. what are some of your favorite things. what things of your would you want to share with your friends?

i'm tagging jbod, paige, brittany, and laura b 
(that means i want you to make a list)

maybe i'll even get the mr. to make a list

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