Thursday, December 2, 2010

the mrs. had a snow day

we had a snow day at work.
and when i say snow day at work i mean...

we (me and two of the most adorable children) got all bundled up, coats, mittens, and boots (me in an 11 yr olds boots that were too big hee hee).
we got the sleds out and we were off to the hills!

i haven't been sledding in years.
i haven't made snow angels in years.
and i haven't eaten snow in years.

but today i did.
and it was wonderful.

yep,  you can be jealous that i get paid to play in the snow.
i love my job.

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  1. You can't leave us! We love you too! And the kids are still talking about their snow party with Sydney :)


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