Friday, December 10, 2010

a proud mrs.

the mr. and i are celebrating tonight....

but shh....
he doesn't know.

we're celebrating something big
wanna hear what it is?

the mr. is graduating! 

yep. my cute spence is officially done with his undergrad. 
he can't actually graduate until april (we'll both walk together)
but he is done.

and i couldn't be more proud.

he worked so hard.
a degree in economics and he is pre-med 
usually people just do bio for pre-med.
my man did basically two majors.
and is graduating with a stellar gpa (more than his little wife can say).

so the point of this post....

i am so proud and grateful for all his hard work. byu is hard but spence worked even harder.
he has done so much already for our family.
one day he'll be a great doctor.
but today he's a great husband.

congrats baby! you made it!
now lets celebrate!!!!

(yep i even made you a congrats banner, you know how much i love banners!) 

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