Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the mr. and mrs. memory of valentines

last night after spence's long test (luckily he finished early)
we sat and reminisced about our first valentines day together one year ago yesterday

it was presidents day weekend so we went to st george with my family

i remember waking up to cute post-it hearts on my door and little surprises throughout the day

we went to church
went and walked around the temple

went on a bike ride and just enjoyed the vaca and great weather

that night is the important part of this story.
we decided to climb dixie rock for a little romantic valentines activity with just us two

we only had one flashnight so spence had to help me along the way
once we got to the top we cuddled up in a blanket and enjoyed the incredible view it was there,
on top of dixie rock on valentines night we decided to get married
(well spence says he had decided long before that....)
but none the less that is the moment that i remember as the final decision

we sat up on the rock talking about our future together.
about our future family.

this is one of my sweetest memories.
st george will always hold a special place in my heart.

so thank you valentines day for getting this whole thing started.

looking back that trip seems like so long ago.
we barely knew each other (though i thought i knew all about spence at that point, hee hee)
but we were in love and knew it was the right thing

and boy has this last year been amazing.

so we're headed back to st george this weekend
i think it's our new presidents day weekend tradition
but this time we get to stay in the same room....yay!
and we're bringing along baby
(no thats not an announcement)
we're so excited to spend the weekend with liz and dunc and our favorite little mya (who may i say loves me best!)
anyways.... long tangent but i hope your valentines day was just as special as ours

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  1. You are so cute! This post was so sweet. I'm glad you had a great valentine's day.


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