Sunday, February 13, 2011

the mr. and mrs. weekend update

this weekend was great

it all started friday when my sis picked me up from work and we headed out to a roberts closing sale
yep everything 75% off

they didn't have much but they had tons of paper so i loaded up on paper
a lot of it
kinda like $140 of paper...that i got for $17.

i was in heaven.
i wish i could show you page by page but i've got hundreds of them.
it may not look like too much but it's a ton and i can't wait to start crafting!

that night we built a great fort and watched "bedtime stories" i forgot to take a picture of us in the fort so this is in the morning (and we had both just woken up, thats why it's just the mr. in this picture) 

it was fun to do something a little different and what can beat cuddling with the mr. in a great fort watching a cute movie! nothing i'm sure!

saturday was great as well. we both woke up, got work done (me cleaning, him mcat stuff) and then had lunch. 
at this point the mr. was supposed to take a 5 hour mcat.
but we got invited to go to this pottery painting place with the fam
so we rescheduled the mcat to monday (i know happy v-day to the b family)
and headed to p-town.

we had a blast painting the afternoon away.
i made a big birthday plate (something i've wanted to do forever)
and mr. made coasters (something we've needed forever)

this is just a preview of course. hopefully it will look tons better and  brighter when it's been fired and such. i'm excited to see what it looks like.

we finished off the night with a date with one of our favorite couples.
one big reason we miss provo, we don't have any couple friends up here yet.

dinner at guru's and fun at liberty land
except most things were closed because of painting and the cold
so liberty land was kinda lame
but we had a blast with the catts
this was the one ride we rode on. 
a frog jumper
slightly entertaining
slightly uncomfortable

but hilarious none the less.

so here is to a great sunday full of church, family, and relaxation.
happy weekend. hope yours was just as wonderful.

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  1. I still cant believe how much paper you got!!!!! and for a whopping 17&!! Gosh that was a good sale! so glad we went:) It was fun having girl talk:)


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