Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the mrs. and the dryer

finally some updates on the life of mr. and mrs.

i've been going through a crazy cleaning phase. 
i love having the place clean
and i love making sure everything is organized
so this is why i am in my dryer....

i wanted to reorganize our laundry room, aka bathroom to make it look better and less overwhelming
it actually turned out pretty cute (pictures of that to come)

but when I started cleaning my dryer i noticed something inside
so of course i got it
and of course i got stuck

its a lot harder to get out of a dryer than it is to get in it
i yelled to my mr. and he ran and got the camera
love him so much ;-)

we were both laughing so hard i was almost stuck forever
but good thing i got out! 

i sure love being a newlywed
these type of events are always happening, if only we had a camera at all times!

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