Monday, March 7, 2011

yay for weddings and dress and girl time!

yay for weddings
and yay for roommates getting married

cute alison came to visit me on saturday and we went dress shopping.
i had so much fun watching her try on dresses as we talked wedding plans.
they even let me try on a veil (because i never even tried any on before i got married, crazy i know!)

her and skyler are so stinkin cute together and i am so happy for them
basically i'm happy to have more married friends! 

watching her try on dresses and talk wedding talk brought back my want to be a wedding planner

so here i am, at the capitol with two loves.
politics and weddings.

my perfect be an event planner at the us capitol

but because that isn't happening....
looks like i'm back to square one.

one day i'll figure out what i want to do with my life
right now though,

i'm loving my last week at the capitol (and sad to see it end)
anybody want to come visit me and see what it's like up here? come on up! i'll give you a tour ;-) 

happy monday!


  1. Tell Allison congratulations! Even now I walk by a bridal store and want to try on dresses just for fun! One day of dress up is not enough.

  2. ho me eeg! she is getting married. congrats to her.


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