Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the last first day

today was my very last first day of school ever (well at least for my undergrad)
i was so excited/scared/sad that i didn't sleep at all last night!
i woke up early and made the mr. take pictures of me
here i am super duper excited for school!
and here is more like how i felt....get classic picture followed by the oh crap my whole college career is ending and i have to write a 30 page paper to prove i learned something.
yeah it's a loaded picture

today i started the end of my college career
but it didn't come without some excitment

i got called in for a job interview
for a great job
with a salary and benefits and 401k
(when did i get old enough to get benefits and a 401k)
so wish me luck tomorrow
my first big time job scary thought

and we can't forget the mr.
this is him!
isn't he so stinkin cute
this is him preparing to go back to byu (it's been so long for him)
to meet with some professors. mr. smartie pants over here!
well we found out today that they kicked him out of school
why? not because of his incredible gpa, or the fact that he worked for them for years
nope, because he didn't take classes in winter (because he was all finished with classes)
so now he has to reapply just to graduate
i know it's pathetic 

anyways thats all from the mr. and mrs.
let's hope interview goes great tomorrow, time for me to practice my charm!

adult life....bring it on!!!

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