Monday, April 25, 2011

the mr. and mrs. weekend update

party party party!
this weekend was a blast for the mr. and i

friday night was our date night to texas roadhouse (our new favorite) and some much needed relaxation at home
saturday we were super busy helping family move and mcat studying
but we partied up that night at my old roommates weeding dinner

we met up with megs and matt at the dinner
megs was my roommate and is now married to matt who we love as well
seriously these two are so much fun to hangout with
matt and megs, look how cool my old roommate is! we seriously sat at the table for a couple of hours just chatting and catching up on our busy lives.
the "us" picture at the table. for the first time in a long time we didn't have to do the "you hold the camera" picture!
us, alison and her cute fiance skyler, megs and mat
megs, alison and i were roommates for two years. it's fun to see us all move on and get married.
and this is more like how we usually are all together. man i sure miss seeing these guys all the time. glad we have wedding celebrations to see each other!
matt and megs caught in the act! 
this picture seriously shows how fun these two are
we had a blast hitting up the dance floor!
this is our "hit the dance floor" picture. so awkward but proves that we were having a blast!
i love our awkward picture! don't mind us...we were having a blast! 
it was really so much fun to get together with friends and party!

after the dinner matt, megs, and us headed up to see the kings speech. 
what a great movie! i highly recommend it!

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