Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the newlywed dream

so moving to a new place is always exciting
especially when you move into a renovated condo
funny how while watching "income property" on hgtv i found that our condo has many flaws
like today i learned it is against fire code to have a light switch any closer than 3 feet from a sink...
whoops maybe two of our two sinks are about 10 inches from a light switch...

anyways this isn't the point, though pretty funny
but the point...

we moved in and struggled with the heating
but worked that out and luckily have a very low gas bill
and then when it started warming up it was the spiders
yes spiders, and i hate hate hate spiders
and killing 3+ a day was a little much

so the mrs. got raid and the spiders cried
now we're only killing about one a week (but those ones are HUGE so really the mr. kills them)

so everything was rosy 
i solved the spider problem (for the most part)
and everything was hunky dory 

until yesterday
when i was cleaning and found ants under my front door rug
but no big deal right...
used some raid and a broom and problem solved

but then this morning
i found more ants
this time by my pantry
i was careful with the raid (considering the location)
and used the vacuum and again problem solved

but then i was cleaning our second room
and moved my backpack only to find ants but this time not just like 10 but like 100
yes i screamed 
and i went through my backpack
and found more ants
apparently these ants came into my back room and found a chewy bar in my backpack they ate through that and attempted to eat through my eyeglass case (yep no lie)
so i got raid happy yet again
threw away half of the things in my backpack
brought out the vacuum and got rid of those little  buggers 
so now i'm struggling to breath due to all the raid in my apartment while watching hgtv and wishing i owned my own home where we didn't have to deal with an old condo with bugs and more bugs

hey only like 7 more years until we can buy our own place ;-) 

but don't worry,
during all of this i couldn't help but smile
because i'm a newlywed 
living a dream in a small old apartment
but it's okay because it's our apartment, the mr. and mrs.
and we love our little place

yep we're living the newlywed dream!


  1. Our house smells like oven gas every few days, we have a hole the size of my palm randomly in the kitchen floor, our front window doesn't close tight so it flies open at night (and broke one of my favorite picture frames), our toilet is in a closet but the rest of the bathroom is in a different room.....lots of great things about being a newlywed! We are so luck, seriously!

  2. Ants in the house is the worst! They have a spray that you spray inside and outside the windows and doors of the house. It works like a charm. We use it every few months. And your attitude is the best!

    As for filing. I only catch up like every four months too!


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