Tuesday, June 21, 2011

just another random post

random day but i found these pictures and i couldn't help but smile....
this is us at jason's high school graduation. my question....why didn't spencer grow like his little brother ;-) 
and i can't help but smile at my cute father in law...love how he jumped in with us!
a while ago spence and i had breakfast at a friends house. they had home made whipped cream and spence kept talking about it
so i decided to give it a try....
and it turned out surprisingly great
especially when you use kneaders syrup and fresh strawberries....we had breakfast for dinner two nights in a row because of this goodness!

so there you have it, a random post


  1. No joke, but waffles with whipped cream and strawberries is one of our favorite BFD's (breakfast for dinner) meals. SO YUMMY!

  2. Hello! Andy Proctor guided me to your blog! [Because I love reading blogs--maybe too much :)] And he said you were cool. So I am your newest reader!


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