Monday, June 13, 2011

a letter to byu


i just walked out of my very last class of my undergrad.
and now i sit in your library for the very last time
so many emotions fill my heart

remember when i started here,
i hated it and wanted to transfer to the u (well i wanted to transfer about every semester but...)
over time i grew to love your beautiful campus
your wonderful professors
and knowledge filled library

i started here 4 years ago with a plan
over the last 4 years that plan has changed dramatically but only for the better

you brought me countless friends and memories
you took me to jerusalem, where i left a piece of my heart
you helped me fall in love with the harp
and opened my mind to knowledge i never thought i could understand

you brought spencer into my life
and created a beginning of a new family 

thank you for helping me grow
for helping me find myself and find a new path
i will miss your beautiful campus
i will miss your zoobie ways
i will miss your intense classes
and i will miss the constant learning

you always say,
enter to learn, go forth to serve....

well that is what i intend to do
i have learned so much about the world, politics, life and myself within your walls
and now i fully intend to take what i've learned and share it with the world

one day i'll change the world
and i will owe it to the four years i have spent in happy valley.

so byu,
though i may never really consider myself a cougar
you will always be my alma mater
and i will say that with pride

thank you for the best four years of my life
see you again in a couple of months when i officially walk across your stage
dressed in blue
and accept the document that proves 4 years at byu makes one a better person.

i will miss you byu (shh don't tell my family that)

your favorite ute


  1. Congrats girl! That is an amazing accomplishment! Love your blog btw.. Even have it bookmarked on my phone ;]

  2. You are so cute! I love this!


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