Monday, June 27, 2011

the mrs. favorite month

july is one of my most favorite months

i love the 4th of july
and for you utah folkes the 24th as well
how awesome is it that i can celebrate in red white and blue two times
and i can have my red white and blue decor up the whole month
and now july is extra special...

it's our anniversary month

yep, thats right, the mr. and i are going on one whole year
but back to the red, white and blue...

thanks to my cute mom our apartment is finally showing some 4th love
i love my little hanging flags!
here is a close up, they have a vintage vibe that you can't really see in these pictures!
gotta love the kitchen towels...but i just couldn't resist, look how stinkin cute!
i am still loving the cute mason jars the petersons gave me for my birthday.
now they have a little july red white and blue love and look just perfect with my little red birdy
i think they need some ribbon though...i get on that one right away.
and finishing up with a little subway art. 

so the mr. and mrs. are all set for july...good thing because july 4th is next week! 
now what else can i get/make in the next few days...oh my mind is spinning with ideas!


  1. It's our favorite month too! I love your r,w, & b gumballs! Hope all is well. Come visit anytime :)

  2. Syd, I love your blog and your apartment and your crafyness and your all around cuteness!


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