Wednesday, July 27, 2011

graduation pictures of the mr. and mrs.

so spencers cute little sister took some grad pictures for the mr. and i
i want to send out announcements this week so i need your help...
which one of these do you like best?

and please forgive me for wearing a byu shirt....
it comes with being alumni sadly ;-)

i'm making graduation annoucements tonight....
i'll post a picture when i'm done

oh and guess what
i'm playing the harp at graduation
pretty fun eh?
i'm scared to death but i think it will be a great experience
good thing i'm not graduating with the music majors


  1. Oooh I love the 2nd picture!! Good luck playing at the'll do GREAT! :)

  2. Oh my gosh congrats! I can't believe you are graduating! Guess we are all getting older!!! So sad haha. But good! And congrats on being married, I don't know if I knew that! And your blog is darling! Glad you found it! Now I can blogstalk you haha. And I miss Folk dance, sometimes haha. That was so fun! Oh, and I'd say either the 2nd or 3rd because I like the lighting and colors :) And you guys look great!

  3. I LOVE the second one!!!! And good luck at graduation!

  4. These are so cute, Syd! Congrats on graduating! And the second one down is my favorite. I'm so sad we missed out on games on Monday! Next time we will be there for sure. Can't wait.

  5. The second one! Such a cute idea.

  6. I love the first or second one! I wanted to do something like this but ran out of time and got lazy haha. So cute!

  7. I like the last one the best. you guys look goooood.


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