Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the mr. and mrs. alive and well

so it's time for updates
the mr. and i have a free night....
so i'm blogging

ready to see what we've been doing?
the other day we celebrated spencers sisters birthday
we had a pool party 
after hours of couples pool ball we celebrated with cake and ice  cream

 apparently we didn't have candles so matches were used instead
hilarious watching mom try and get them to stay lit

then....we enjoyed the day at the barfuss family reunion
sadly i only took two pictures....and they were just of us
oh well!

 we had a blast bowling...too bad we didn't win any awards
maybe next time around
we have also been spending a lot of time outdoors
our new favorite nightly activity is to hit up the good ol' murray park
spread out our wonderful picnic blanket
and relax reading our books

the best is when the stars come out cuddling next to my mr. 
and just enjoying the summer nights

 and yes....maybe talking on the phone just a little bit

we've also been playing with friends
the other day we attempted to watch fireworks with some great friends in our ward
too bad the rain decided to come out and play as well

 this is the mr. before the rain
 cute paige and caleb
i'm sad i didn't get pictures of the others
and this is us during the rain
we finished the night playing games and just enjoying hanging out

being done with school really does have it's props
we've been doing great

still working on med school stuff
we've heard back from all our favorite schools
and we're excited to keep hearing back

updates on our anniversary weekend to come

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