Friday, September 2, 2011

design day

so one of my most  favorite things is to redesign my house (and usually that's my dream house in my head)
lately we've been working on our bedroom with some rearranging and such
and i decided i need a "end of bed bench"
because lets be honest....i hate putting my clothes away and this way they won't be on the floor

the mr and i have search but have yet to find something we like and can afford
but my looking side got the better of me today...
and here is what i've fallen in love with on pinterest

i love the wood and the color
this one just makes me smile
the fabric design would be just perfect
i also like the idea of two benches. these are really popular right now
check out the curved bench, perfect
and why not make it a little bench
maybe i'll find what i'm looking for one day

as for right now i'll enjoy pinterest

happy beginning of labor day weekend
i'm excited for a day off!

what are your plans???

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  1. Oooh I REALLY need to join pinterest! I love the idea of having a bench at the end of the bed!


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