Friday, September 9, 2011

the mr. and mrs. are mom and dad (for the weekend at least)

the mr. and i are playing mom and dad this weekend to one of my most favorite families
i think this weekend will be a big learning experience for us

last night after getting all the kids tucked in we sat down to watch some football
and then ended up checking on the kids about 5 times

finally when i knew they were asleep the mr. and went to bed
and then i woke up about 10 times to check on the kids again
i think it took me forever to get to sleep because every noise was a kid up...but it wasn't

at about 3:30am i was positive i heard the little one yelling
i race upstairs....
to find all the kids soundly asleep

i think i'm going to be one of those worried mothers

so other than getting no sleep out of worry
our first night and morning went great

we woke everyone up
had a great breakfast of....
waffles, smoothies, and of course fruit loops
everyone's favorites

got the mr. off to work
got lunches made
got the kids ready
got the big kids off to school
got the little kid ready
got the little kids to school

look i even drove the mom car to school

while the little ones were eating breakfast sethers turned to me
"um syd...when are you and spence going to have kids? you know...the baby ones that come from your belly?"

well i wasn't sure what to say to that so i asked him
"well i would love to have kids, do you like i'll make a good mom"

and his response
"yeah, you'll make a great mom. you'll feed your kids and play with them and stuff"

so there you have it. right from the month of a 5 year old
i'll be a great mom and i'll even remember to feed my children.

we'll see how the rest of this weekend goes
then we'll know if we'll be good parents

wish us luck


  1. Haha don't worry, I checked on Lawson all the time while he was sleeping when he was first born. You eventually learn that if they need you they will definitely let you know! And I think you'll be a great mom one day too :) You gotta love the things kids say and do!

  2. Seriously though, when are you having those baby ones that come from your belly??

    I love you both.


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