Monday, September 12, 2011

the mrs. caved

so it seems that every blogger uses instagram
you know...those cool vintage pictures
the only ones you get from the iphone

there's the catch...
it's an iphone only thing

too bad this mrs. doesn't have an iphone
even though i really want one
just because they are pretty

the mr. says my phone is better than the iphone
i guess i'll just have to believe him

but lets be honest...i wanted to be a trend follower and get instragram
so i found a way around my no-iphone problem

you see...i won a cute little ipad 2 the other day
and you can take pictures from my fun ipad 2
so i got the instragram app
and i took some pictures
and i didn't even care i was being a trend follower
and so....
here are my first ever instragram pictures
taken at the park with my favorite little kiddos

I love the park

My fab of aerie

Just chillin at the park with Seth

Abed and me

Swing lovin

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