Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween...from the mr. and mrs.

halloween overload!!!

we had two great halloween parties this year
the first one was with great friends from the ward
how lucky we are to have such great friends in our neighborhood
i made a spider cake
thank you pinterest for the idea
the mr. was a pirate....

check out the other costumes
lady gaga and yes...
a toy solider
so impressive
we were tinker-bell and captain hook.
check out those wings...they lasted about 5 mins!

and yes...
we had a little fight

i you can tell

the 80's barbies (i think they were just 80's party goesrs but i thought they looked like barbie and ken!)
yes, puff the magic dragon showed up with her batman!
and they brought two little ninjas
the csi and swat team also came
missing....waldo's....where were they?

all the girls

we really had a blast
to bad i was getting sick so we had to leave early
our christmas party will be better i promise (and yes we are already planning our christmas party!)

meh and parks invited us to their halloween party
of course we had to drive down to p-town to visit them
we didn't want to dress up as much as before so...

some last minute creativity 
presenting the maid and the dirty laundry!!!
and yes, that is a basket around my mr. 
he wore it well
and the angry birds
hilarious right
meh and parks really out did themselves

the party was great
can't go wrong with some chili, homemade rootbeer, donuts on a string, games and scary stories
apparently i like to eat my donuts with my eyes closed
sadly i didn't win...lets be honest, i lost horribly 
the mr. on the other hand did a lot better

we had so much fun
how great to have such amazing friends

happy halloween!
come trick or treat at our place tonight

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