Sunday, October 2, 2011

more from our graduation

remember when the mr. and i graduated?
i do
and we now have the diplomas to prove it
(i'll take a picture of the sweet frames we got to display them)

well....our awesome photographer sister took some great pictures
i've shared some but now i want to share more
don't mind the fact that the graduation robes make me look huge!!!

so now for an overload of grad pictures....
mom this is for you!

yep i played the harp.
i was scared to death but it was such a cool thing hearing myself play
(i've never really heard my harp over the sound system)

we got to walk together
we were close to the beginning and i had to go first = not knowing what i was supposed to do!
my cute husband!
and thats us....on the stage... it was a cool experience being able to see all our friends and family!

it was such a great day
thanks laura for the great pictures!!!!

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  1. Can I get copies of the pictures? I want one of Spence and of course you and the harp.


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