Friday, October 14, 2011

my dream job

when i was growing up i knew what i wanted to be
i was going to go to georgetown law school and get my law degree
but i didn't want to be a lawyer...
no i wanted to get my degree and teach at a university

well obviously thats not where life took me
i'm still considering teaching
but this time it would be at a highschool  (call me crazy but i'm excited about teaching high school government)

recently though i've considered an mba
because my mr. says i'd be good at that

so i may not have time for crafts
or may not have time for blogging
and may be a little stressed once in a while

but here is the deal...
i'm loving working full time
growing up a little bit
and figuring out what i'm good at and what i enjoy

i enjoy the business world much more than i was expecting
who knew that would happen
and i'm kinda sad that we may be moving in a few months

so i may not be living my dream job
but i'm sure making this my dream job
and you may not hear from us as much
maybe because the mr. won't blog....

but just know
we are both well and happy!
and i'll update as much as i can

side note:
if you are or know anybody who is looking for a part time job in slc i've got a great place to work
yep, my company is looking for someone

so someone please come work with me!!!!

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  1. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make girl!!!!


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