Tuesday, November 1, 2011

because i can...

i'm going to brag a little bit
and lets be honest....it's mainly family who reads this so basically this is just an update ;-)

my cute mr. was in sunny san diego today
interviewing at ucsd

some stats from the trusty blue msar (med school go to book)
5,000 students apply to ucsd medical school
2,000 of those are non-resident (thats us)
700 are asked to come for an interview
94 of those are non-resident (thats the mr.)

so lets look at that.....
out of the 2,000 that applied not from cali
only 94 got asked to come interview

thats pretty amazing for my mr.

lets go to today....
the mr. interviewed with 11 others
they were all from schools like...


so yes.
my mr. got a really incredible interview
at an amazing school (ranked 16th in the country)
in a beautiful location (right on the beach next to torrey pines)
competing with top notch students

it's an understatement to say i'm proud

even if he doesn't get in...
this interview was huge and says a lot

so to my cute husband....
i am so proud of you. you have worked so hard and it shows.
congrats babe!!!

now get home so i don't have to be cold at night
lover you!
rewind to mcat days (so glad those are over) i caught the mr. in the middle of studying!) it seemed fitting for this post


  1. SO awesome!
    Congrats to your hubby!
    That would be just perfect to live next to the beach! It would give you something to enjoy while you're husband is busy studying away ;)

  2. I'll tell you what Sydney, for man years we have thought Spencer is the smartest, most centered person ever! -even before he met you, but even better since. Congrats to the school that selects him- He's amazing!


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