Friday, December 30, 2011

it's okay

it's been quiet around our blog lately
we've had a crazy month
with lots of pictures to and memories to share
but right now i don't feel much like sharing pictures
because right now the mr. and i are sad

i try not to blog about sad things
but lets be honest...
life is sad sometimes
life is hard sometimes
life is not perfect

but i've learned that it is okay to be sad
and that when we are sad and when things happen to us we only grow stronger

i am thankful for the gospel to help me heal
i am thankful for loving family to give us support
and i am extremely thankful for a loving husband who will sit and hold me while we cry together

we won't be sad for long
but for right now we are a little sad
and that is okay

we have faith that everything will work out as it should
that our heavenly father has a plan for us
and we are going to follow that plan in faith

so today we're going to do something fun
and try our hardest to smile
because life is beautiful
and there is much to be happy for


  1. Our love is coming you guys way today!

  2. sounds like you and i may have similar stories from this christmas season. Love going your way syd :) -Regan


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