Monday, December 12, 2011

the weekend captured in 4 pictures....

from my phone of course...
i've got to say,
i do love my big slr camera but sometimes it is just too big
i'll have to figure out a solution for that problem soon

the mr. and i had a great weekend.
it all started on friday at work
a few of us from work headed down to visit our good friends the jazz

of course we got free t-shirts (about 10 sizes too big)
and free hot dogs (lets be honest...i only went for the hot dogs)
classy picture i know
and don't worry...i'm really not that short
for some reason i felt the need to really get low
oh and of course there was this thing about the new jerseys...or something like that ;-)
that night the mr. and i had a classy dinner to start a classy night
taco bell of course!
but truth be was the perfect meal and really hit the spot.
man do i love my cinni twists
random note...
right after spence and i got married we were driving to our reception after taking pictures at the temple and i was starving
i had a huge ol' craving for taco bell
so my cute husband (of 2 hours) decided to treat his wife right
we pulled up to the trusty centerville taco bell in our wedding attire
we decided to go through the drive in (much classier)
it was hilarious...the first guy just smiled
then he went and got all his work friends
when they handed us our food the whole taco bell team was at the little window tellings us congrats
great memory!

anyway...after our fancy dinner we headed over to a friends place for a little fondue christmas party
we have had so much fun getting to know all the great couples in our ward
we love getting together and seriously laugh the whole time
good thing we're basically doing a repeat this weekend as well
how blessed we are to be surrounded by such incredible friends

saturday night we were lucky enough to score awesome tickets to the blue man group
thanks mom and dad for having something come up and you couldn't make it

we seriously laughed the whole time
it was basically a huge party
dance party to be exact. and i mean seriously...they started a dance party
gotta love the "i'm taking a picture of me...from my phone" picture. so classy i know

it was a great weekend with my mr.
we laughed a lot
spent time with friends
spent time with family
spent time together

now the mr. is off to chicago for interview #5 and then to hanover for interview #6
so stinkin proud of him but i also miss him like crazy (it gets harder each time he leaves)

happy monday friends!

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