Tuesday, January 10, 2012

mr. and mrs. had a year.... in numbers

i saw this fun idea....our last year in numbers
i thought i'd try it out

in 2011 (in no special order)....

had our 3rd new years kiss

180 days of mcat studying

over $5,000 spent on med school applications and interviews
 while applying to 27 med schools which covered 12 states

welcomed 7.1 lb's of joy to the family

kayak 6,772 above sea level 

had our first 365 days of marriage

finished 50 hours of writing a 35 page paper

graduated with over 300 credits between the two of us
2 majors 2 minors 1 study abroad 1 internship 1 research project

spent 365 hours working at the utah state legislature

applied to over 30 jobs got 4 job offers took 1 incredible job

went through 5 different haircuts/styles

planned 25 sunbeam lessons
spent $5 on 3 bags of chalk and hung out with 2 best friends

said goodbye to brother for 17,520 hours
had 3 best friends get engaged and 2 married

was given 46 strings on the most beautiful harp

spent over 15 days on vacation in the sun

went to 3 graduations (including our own of course)

had over 50 incredible date nights

took over 300 self portraits 

caught 2 fish

played with over 1,000 legos

waited in line for 2.5 hours for signed jerseys for a player who left 1 week later

spent 45 hours watching the utah jazz
someone reached their 9,125th day of living

made $350 on a free ipad (because the mrs won a new one...how awesome is that)

spent under $35 for 4 halloween costumes

won a total of 3 ski ball games...yes only 3 sadly

kissed 48 times under a mistletoe  

spent 8,760 hours in love

shared 1 incredible year

here is to a lot more numbers with my mr. in 2012


  1. This is such a super cute idea! Love it

  2. Fun!! What a great re-cap of 2011. Glad you're so happy!!

  3. You two are so cute it makes me sick. In a happy sort of way.


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