Saturday, January 14, 2012

the mr. and mrs.: weekly updated

i am trying hard to be better at this whole blogging thing
remember when i blogged a ton (maybe too much)
i do, and to be honest with the blog being my journal i think i need to step it up a bit

so an update on our week.

-work went great for both of us, our first full week since the holidays (not as killer as i thought it would be)
-had a slightly awkward experience with my boss that made for a great story
-bought the mr. flights for his next interview at duke. i am becoming a great travel agent
-along those lines...upgraded our flight to boston for our trip in may and it didn't cost us a thing
-we had a great date night last night...mall, dinner, m.i.3 at the imax, just me and the mr.
-spent time with our families
-started our work on the senate campaign for dan (so excited for that  by the way)
-mr. had guys night and i am spending the night blogging and crafting
-the mr. got another interview invite....maybe one day we'll  hear back from these schools and get an acceptance ;-) but how grateful we are for 8 interview invites

so basically we had a great week. how grateful i am for a great mr. who makes my days better.
here's to another great week!

oh and here is our song of the week. the mr. and i tend to get one song stuck in our heads and this week be are loving on this one....


  1. I just heard this song for the first time this week! Totally fell in love with it. so so good. is this a cover of Gotye?


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