Monday, February 6, 2012

the mrs. had a sleep over (jeru style)

the mr. was gone this weekend so guess what i did....
i had a sleepover

yep, just like you do when you are 5 years old
and guess what else....

it was one of the best nights i've had

remember bod and lyds from jeru?
yep, these two besties drove all the way up from p-town to come visit

we laughed
and ended up taking countless pictures on my phone

and as you can see...bod had a hard time keeping her eyes open
apparently my flash was too bright

thanks bod and lyds for being best friends with me
i loved just hanging out

how i miss our days in jeru
but how grateful i am that we are friends for life

so are you two ready to pack up and move to med school with us???

thanks mr. for going away so i could have a night with just my girls

oh and mr....
i'm stinkin proud of you for yet another awesome interview!!!

the mrs.

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  1. Best night I've had in ages. Spencer should go out of town more often.


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