Tuesday, February 28, 2012

oh hey there

hey guess what....
we're alive

but it seems my blog is slowly dying 
maybe because we've been spending too much time...

playing with friends
hanging out with family
going on weekend trips to st george
working hard and saving even harder (med schools coming you know)
and basically just being head over heels in love with each other

crazy how it seems these last few months i've fallen more in love with my mr. then i did in our whole year dating (okay almost a year)

we are having so much fun just being together

at night i don't want to come home to blog...
nope, i want to come home and hang out with my best friend

how lucky am i

i do have 4 pictures to show for this month (so sad i know)

we enjoyed a great valentines at home
fancy steak dinner (thanks george)
mexican coke
and two little love birds

2 random pictures from last week
i was excited about my gift giving on a budget
and the mr. was making dinner (so proud of him)

anyway that's basically it
we're alive and doing oh so well

love is just great
now i'm off to hang out with my mr. some more!!!
our table
our two best friends george and george...
just showing off my budget friendly bridal shower gifts....again we're on a big time savings kick
and check out that sexy cook...you bet i kissed him!!!!

happy tuesday


  1. Thanks for the awesome post, babe! I sure love hanging out with you (and I sure love you!). Thanks for being a great best friend.

  2. Glad you're alive and well! You two are so dang cute together :) love your budget friendly gifts!!


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