Thursday, June 21, 2012

the packing begins

so last night marked the first day of "clean and organize the b. family life"
i decided to start with sydney's history. which is basically everything important to me stored at my parents house from age 4-23. yes, i decided to start with that (it's still a mystery to me why i choose that task).

i found a few gems hidden in that hold closet of mine. i made spencer endure a couple hours of "hey babe check out this picture" or "oh my  gosh i can't believe i wore that" "ahh we look so little". yes picture after picture. i was in heaven.

at one point of the night spence had had enough and i was left to myself and my memories. to be honest it was a little more emotional than i thought putting things away. every piece of memory had a story. i had kept things for a reason. my first pointe shoes, my graduation ropes, my 6th grade officer t-shirt, love letters from boys in high school and so on.

i finally got to a point where my entire life history (well at least till my little 23 years of age) was boxed away in two large rubbermaids. so lets be honest i didn't really cut things down. i tried :-)

as i was about to put the boxes in storage spence came across my jr. high and high school officer sweaters. of course he had to put them on.

sometimes i wish spence had been the boy i feel in love with in jr. high. always looked up to and secretly crushed on until high school. then in high school we would have dated, gone to dances together and fallen in love. after two years of beautiful letters he would return and we could get married and have all our memories together.

but then i remember how fun it has been to share stories with each other. on long drives he'll tell me a story about a time in high school. i realize i never heard that story but now i've just learned something new about my husband of (almost) two years. and then i get happy because i am now a part of that memory. and i share stories with him. i love sharing my stories with him. if spence had been there from the beginning i wouldn't have any good stories to tell!

so here is the point.
going through memories is hard but yet still fun.
and i was able to share all those memories and the things that make me sydney b. with my husband.
and i love him even more for still loving me after some of these jr. high pictures

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