Thursday, July 12, 2012

sun burns, heavy weights, and loads of laundry

the mr. and mrs. are back in action. sorry for the picture overload but it was the easiest way to get them all on the blog. despite the fact that all of our pictures are just the two of us (how did that happen) we just got back form a great family vaca onboard the "oasis of the seas". i can't say enough about this boat and the fun we had. with 7 "neighborhoods" to choose from we weren't ever at a lost of things to do. we ate way to much, but isn't that what you're supposed to do on a cruise. we saw awesome shows. gotta love being on the only ship with a full broadway musical, aqua theatre, flo rider and so much more. it was so much fun just being with the whole b. family. all 11 of us "adults"! what a great blessing for us about to leave.

we got back saturday night. had two sleepless nights with a broken ac. taught 13 primary kids. worked 3 10 hour days. found an apartment in chicago. finished an mph application. started loads of laundry.

i think we've had a pretty successful couple of weeks. so now excuse me while i put on a little aloe and change over the laundry. it's good to be back!


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