Thursday, August 30, 2012

hot date in the city

one night the mr. and i went on a hot date in the city. we made reservations at this new little italian place and planned on watching the fireworks together. well.....

we got to the little italian place and discovered it was way out of a med school students budget (does $$ really mean $30 a plate...wowzers). at this point we were both starving. i desperately wanted to try something new, because well i always want to try a new place. but lets be honest, when you are starving in a new city it is nearly impossible to find a new place you are willing to try that both of you can agree on. so next best option...cheesecake factory. we rushed in only to find an hour wait. but bar seating was open. the waitress basically told us "good luck". well luck was on our side...we found a cute little booth tucked away in the corner. perfect for our date night.

so we ate at chicago's finest...cheesecake factory (and we didn't even order cheesecake, seriously!) afterwords we decided to walk around before the fireworks. part way along our walk we both started getting tired. the strain of the week was finally sinking in. i'm not sure how long it took us but we both decided that fireworks would have to wait. so we ran and jumped on the bus and headed home. our hot date ended with pjs, some tv shows, popcorn and cuddling on our temporary couch.

though it wasn't the hot date in the city i was expecting it was the perfect night. it's nights like those that make me so happy i married my best friend. it doesn't matter where we go to eat or what we do afterwards we have fun together. we laugh...a lot. and just love being together. as simple as that is.

hopefully one of these times we'll really venture out and do the date we planned on. but if it's pj's and popcorn nights for us for the next four years i think i'll be okay!

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