Monday, August 27, 2012

mr. med school and his white coat

northwestern founders day ceremony was held on friday
aka spencers white coat

this was a special ceremony for all incoming m1's (first year med students).  it was when they received their white coats. after years of prep and applications and planning it was so nice to jus sit and watch. we were finally here. a day we have talked about for what seems like a life time. he may not be a dr. yet but this was the first big step forward. now, with his white coat he can go into the hospitals. help dr.s and treat patients. i loved looking at my cute man in his coat.
please excuse the heads in front of me....i was pretty far away and didn't want to stand up.
welcome to northwestern medical school. interesting fact...northwestern was the very first medical school to have clinical work included in the education. before northwestern med students just took science classes and called it go. they were dr.'s before even seeing the inside of a hospital. boy am i glad things have changed.
spencers mom flew out for the event. it was so wonderful having her with us. thanks to her spencer is here today. she and his dad put so much time, effort and money towards spencer and his education. thank you for getting my man to this place in life!
of course we had to run outside and get a picture in front of the water. we may not be in cali but chicago has great waterfront. thank you waterfront! boy does my man look cute in that coat!
the classic three. i have a feeling these three will be inseparable during the next four years. how grateful we both are for friends this early on. 
and the wives. boy do i need to grow a foot or two. how grateful i am for these girls. they are already my best friends here. girls nights are going to be in high demand with our boys studying late into the night.
in four short years a little md will be next to that name.

we finished taking pictures and headed over to a reception held in the med students honor. it was fun to see the sea of white coats, meet some of spencers friends and see what life as a med student will be like. we spent the rest of the weekend playing with mom!

so proud of my mr. med school

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