Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the birthday celebrations for the mr. // plus a video!

finally getting around to post the mr.'s birthday celebrations. we celebrated for about two weeks. i guess that's what happens when you have school on your birthday and your mom comes to visit a week later. here are just a few pictures (overload) of celebrating the man i call my husband!

spencers favorite dessert....a pazookie. warm half baked cookie, ice cream and hot fudge. yum. of course we had to use our 26 candles and the sparklers.
mine had sprinkles. because i am in love with sprinkles. it makes everything look more fun.
just some simple birthday presents. now that we're on a budget we had to go small. but i had fun getting some small things for my mr.
loving opening present! of course. who doesn't love opening presents.
birthday plate. we made this together a couple years ago. i'm glad it made it to chicago with us. i was worried this little guy was lost on the way!
some simple birthday decor.

more presents!

this boy is loved by his friends and family!
birthday breakfast. my husband loves breakfast. so on his actual birthday i woke up early to make him his favorite. too bad he had to eat fast to run to school.
and i made him blow out the candles on his toast. i'm that kind of wife!
a little birthday picture.

i didn't get a ton of pictures of us celebrating with spence's mom. we were having too much fun together for pictures.

plus...something new and exciting!!! a video. just a note...i was holding a camera and taking pictures the same time i was doing video. when i put down the camera i was using my other one to take pictures. so thats is why you get the awkward video. i thought it would be more fun to start having videos. ya know so our kids can laugh at us later. as you can see in the video spence didn't think it was cool. oh well!


  1. I love the birthday candles in the toast! That is cute. :) I think I tried that with a cinnamon roll one time, LOL

  2. The video thing is a good idea. It's cool to finally hear your voices.


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