Sunday, October 14, 2012

a weekend home

sorry for being m.i.a for the past little while. we so loved having mom and megs with us last week and then this week i flew to slc for a "work" trip. the mr.'s wonderful parents surprised him with flights to slc for the weekend. though he wasn't here for long it was so wonderful.

on saturday we spent the day with spencer's fam.  we ate fresh toast at kneaders, we went bowling (a typically b. family activity), went puppy shopping (mamma b. has been helping us pick out a puppy for the past couple of months. maybe i'll finally decide what i want), ate at cafe rio, watched the byu football game, played card games, ate pizza, and just loved being together.

we ended the night with spencer's entire family having family prayer together. though it was only for about 48 hours, being home with spence was just what we needed. there is strength in being with family. how blessed we are to live in a time where quick trips home are possible. i am also super grateful for a company that will fly me home every so often.

this morning we got dressed up and headed to temple square. it was the perfect fall day.  chicago has really cooled down so it was nice to have some "warm" weather for a change. we walked around temple square hand in hand. what a great way to spend our sabbath morning.

the mr. is headed back to chicago right now. so wish he could have stayed longer. i have my big event this week. super nervous but so excited to see how it all turns out. after months of smaller meetings for practice i'm ready to big out the big guns! who knew i would love event planning so much!

happy sunday friends!


  1. This sounds so fun!! I wish I could go to salt lake for work! I am jealous. I love being with family and kneaders french toast is always a plus :) Ps Your hubby looks so familiar, I think I had a class with him at BYU or something. small world.

    1. Sarah Jane! I love that I can go "home" for work! Small world, I bet you did have a class with him. So funny! Just found your blog and love it.

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time together in Utah! We're jealous that you got to have Cafe Rio - I never realized how much I loved it until now that I can't have it anymore. It sounds like you had a fun and relaxing weekend.

  3. Puppy shopping! how exciting!! :) Do you have a breed you are leaning towards? I gotta say that a doggie friend is SO nice when you work from home. You will love it!


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