Tuesday, October 23, 2012

that one time we had a girls trip....

picture overload....be warned!
i so loved having mom, megs and lainey bug with us for a few days. as you can see my camera loved it as well!
bug loved mom's suitcase.....

and bug loved my camera!

public transit wasn't too horrible. little lainey bug slept most of the time!
my momma and me!
a little stop at the american girl place. i can't wait to buy a doll for my girls one day
bug couldn't stop staring at spence during lunch one day. i think she has a crush on her uncle.

we walked the whole city. good thing the weather was good 1 day...haha!

the bean makes everyone smile!

i think she was waiting for a show. too bad they were a couple of months too late. next summer this place is going to be our home.

like i said...the bug liked to sleep!
navy pier was a bit windy. we didn't last long but had fun anyway

of course we had to get deep dish pizza. i think we ate these for every meal the rest of the week!
the mr. and lainey bug studying. i think she was more entertained playing with uncle spence.
couldn't forget sprinkles cupcakes. i even won 6 free cupcakes...awesome!

like i said we so loved having visitors. we now have two wonderful blow-up mattresses so if you are interested come stay at hotel barfuss!


  1. That deep dish and those cupcakes look amazing! YUMMY! And this looks like so much fun! Nothing is better than being with the ladies for a few days!


    1. They were amazing! I love having visitors so we have a good excuse to stuff ourselves with cupcakes and pizza!

  2. How is it that i am just seeing this post. Love it and love all those pictures:)


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