Thursday, October 25, 2012

throwback thursday...summer lovin'

so it's not a long time ago but i'm missing summer today.
the weather was so great last night that both spence and i could taste relaxing summer nights.
back in july we went to st. geezy with our besties! i was so excited to hang out with mj and parks for the weekend.

of course we went and saw aladdin. and seriously was not disappointed. the show was fantastic. i loved the little changes they did and the music they added!
i love how spence has a normal smile. parks and meh are so meant to be together forever!
it was hot but the night ended up cooling off which was nice!

check out our sweet glasses. i loved that part of the show was in 3d. they did it blew my mind. i never thought a musical in 3d would be possible let alone awesome!
us right before we took off for home!
our cute best friends!!!

we spent the weekend eating, laughing, playing games and just hanging out. it was such a blast being with partks and mj before we moved. they will always be our best friends! can't wait till the day when we have lots of monies and our weekend trips can be to hawaii or something awesome like that.

can't wait to summer 2013....only 8 months to go..haha!

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