Monday, November 26, 2012

our first "alone" thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2012 in the barfuss household was simply perfect.
i have a picture overload below but how grateful we are for good friends to spend the day with.
we weren't able to travel for the break but didn't feel sad or alone.
plus it gave nicole and i a  good excuse to practice our thanksgiving making skills
all i can say....bring on thanksgiving 2013...we're experts now!

i will be honest and say i was terrified to make a turkey. i may have called my mom every 30 mins with a new freak out. we had one scary moment when i thought the dang bird wasn't cooking but luckily a little turn up of the temp solved the problem.
my cute mom made this banner. i loved having it up!
our first thanksgiving in chicago
look at their cute little family!
we look slightly crazy..maybe because we are about to eat ourselves silly in pie. side note: i was so tempted to shove this pie in the mr.'s face.
dan proved his worth and made two incredible pies! yum...i'm still thinking about his pumpkin pie
dan even shaved chocolate chips on top! 
my first attempt at "our best bites" banana cream pie. it was a bit runny but oh so good!
our set up. it might not look like much but this was so much food for just the four of us! ahh we ate so much goodness!
i couldn't get over how good it looked all together! man i want to go back and repeat the meal
our little table. i wanted to do a thanksgiving themed table but after walking around the stores for a couple of hours i realized it wasn't worth teh money. maybe in 10 years when we're out of school...haha. for now we made due with our spring set up..haha!
i would like you to meet mr. turkey. BAM!!!! check that baby out!
sure perfection right there. yes i was excited!
cute nicole. oh man what would i do without her! i loved us new to making a thanksgiving dinner. at times we'd both look at each other and laugh because we didn't know what do to next. 
  and the boys...this is what they did most of the day. mix in a little football and call it a day!

we spent the rest of the night relaxing, playing games and just enjoying being together. so grateful for dan and nicole and little lincoln for being our chicago family!

hope ya'll had a great thanksgiving as well!


  1. It looks like you had SUCH a fabulous day! That pie looks ridiculously good.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. This brings such a flood of wonderful memories our time in Virginia for Medical School. So far away from home and missing family, but having SO MUCH FUN with our away-from-home friends! They really become like family. And I remember my first turkey vividly. My grandma was my go-to person for instructions. I even stuffed the bird with her homemade stuffing recipe! I felt quite grown up. :) These are great times.

  3. This looks like it was so much fun! We are so grateful for friends too, what a blessing!

  4. I have to say again that I am SO proud of you for making a turkey all on your own! (I'm sorry I didn't help more...) I really am so impressed. It tasted so delicious! Thanks again for having us over and for posting pictures.


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